Why Lead Generation?

Why I Specialize in Online Lead Generation

Having worked in digital marketing for a range of businesses and organisations, I realised I was particularly interested in direct response lead generation.

I’ve had a lot of experience with all kinds of industries (including ecommerce, financial, health-related, consultancy, B2B) and was looking to focus on a service I could offer as a particular niche. Lead generation thus seemed to be the perfect fit for my skill set.

Pay Per Lead Model

As well as determining that direct response and lead gen was what I could do best (see this blog post for more – https://www.rossjackson.co.uk/direct-response-digital-ads-specialist/), I further figured that people in the market for leads would be interested in exploring a ‘pay per lead’ style of fee rather than necessarily a retainer contract.

With extensive experience honing my skills in the extremely difficult clinical trials sector (see https://www.rossjackson.co.uk/clinical-trials/), generating leads is something I fully understand and has provided transferable learnings into pretty much any industry where leads are vital for success.

So the Pay Per Lead model – where you only pay a pre-determined amount for my involvement per lead generated, rather than a retainer fee without any guarantee of the number of leads that will result – provides the perfect opportunity to deliver quality customer leads from your target audience.

Over £2 million in Advertising Spend for Lead Gen

Since focusing on direct response lead generation and patient recruitment, I’ve been responsible for managing over £2 million worth of digital ad spend on Facebook and other platforms – generating many tens of thousands of leads as a result.

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