Why I Focus on Facebook Ads

One of the defining technological side effects of our age is the ability to communicate continuously with everyone else, using social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook).

Leaving aside the issue of whether this is necessarily a good thing, it’s certainly something that businesses need to be making the most of.

But many businesses are still not taking advantage of the extraordinarily powerful targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads.

Facebook is where your potential clinical trial patients are spending their time.

You’ve probably seen Facebook Ads when you’ve been using the site yourself – though you might not actually realise the posts you were viewing were set up through Facebook’s advertising platform.

Over £2 million of Patient Recruitment Facebook Ads Management

There are so many people using Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis, that you should really consider using Facebook Ads as a part of your marketing strategy.

In fact, some companies actually only use Facebook Ads now, preferring the results they get to those from other internet advertising mediums.

And my experience managing over £2 million of Facebook ad spend focused on generating patient leads for clinical trials suggests that Facebook delivers leads at a much cheaper rate than Google or other online advertising providers – also providing a higher quality of traffic than through the other platforms.

Over the years I’ve worked on all kinds of successful marketing campaigns – including those based on ecommerce, building a list or increasing brand awareness – but the ‘sweet spot’ for me has always been direct response lead generation, where you can see measurable results from your advertising activity. And medical research has proven to be the perfect target for my particular skill set – which is why I now have a particular affinity for recruiting patients for clinical trials.

The Most Sophisticated and Controllable Form of Advertising

Despite Google’s dominance of the internet advertising landscape, it still had a thing or two to learn from the ‘new kid on the block’ when it came to a sophisticated and effective method of targeting people with advertising.

Indeed, Google had to significantly ‘up its game’ when it comes to its advertising platform’s capabilities, as a direct result of the challenge it faced from Facebook.

Quite simply, the targeting available with Facebook Ads is so powerful because you can specify people not just by their demographic details such as age, location etc, but by their interests and behaviours.

I believe Facebook Ads to be the most sophisticated and valuable form of advertising yet devised. And I’m convinced that if old school marketing legends such as John Caples and David Ogilvy were working today, they’d be focusing their attention on Facebook advertising.

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