Facebook Ad Copy Tips

facebook-logoTop 3 Tips for Successful Facebook Ads Copy

Facebook advertising is all about images.

So it doesn’t really matter what you say in your ad copy, so long as you can interrupt someone’s attention with a good picture.



Facebook ads can be seen as the modern day equivalent of a newspaper or billboard advert.

Which means that, sure, imagery is important.

But newspaper ads, billboards and Facebook ads all have another thing in common – they will all fail or succeed depending on the quality of the messaging in the advert itself. (You can read Facebook’s official ads guide here).

Here are my Top 3 Tips for successful Facebook ad copy:

1) Write with Your Audience in Mind

– Anybody who says their target audience is “anyone and everyone” will find it very difficult to write a good advert. Whereas, once you’ve settled on a particular type of person that you want to appeal to, you’ll find it much easier to write copy that should resonate with that specific audience.

Facebook provides a fantastic means of targeting the right people with your message. So once you determine who these people are, make sure you use the kind of language and messaging that they are most likely to respond to. (I’ll be coming back to the topic of Facebook ads targeting in future posts).

2) Write for the Click, Not for the Sale

– You have limited space on a Facebook ad, so you shouldn’t try to turn it into a sales brochure. Treat a Facebook ad as the first step in the sales funnel, encouraging potential customers to click through to your website, which is where you can give them more info and move them further along the sales process.

And when people are using social media, they’re not exactly waiting around to be sold to. So what you’re trying to achieve with your Facebook ad is simply to generate enough interest for your target customer to want to find out more.

3) Offer Something of Value

– Offering something of demonstrable value is more likely to convince someone they should spend the time to find out more about it. Interestingly, this is the element that many advertisers struggle with the most. You might even be wondering yourself what it is you can offer that will be attractive enough to convince people to click your ad.

Here’s a few examples of types of offer that you could come up with, depending on the nature of your business:

– Money Off Discount (eg 25% off for next 7 days)

– Free Strategy Session (eg 40 minute no obligation phone session)

– Downloadable Guide (eg Top Ten Tips for xyz)

– Free Complementary Product (eg free cover with every new phone)

Whatever your business does, you should be able to come up with a genuinely attractive offer that will persuade potential customers to click your Facebook ad for more information.

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