About Me

My Philosophy

I’m committed to helping you succeed with recruiting patients for clinical trials through digital advertising campaigns.

With 20+ years experience – having started with internet marketing before Google even existed! – I’ve seen lots of trends and fads come and go.

But the one thing I’ve seen be consistently successful in terms of generating leads from a website is to ensure that you aim the right message at the right audience. Not exactly rocket science, but it’s amazing how many people forget this basic principle of marketing.

The secret to success with digital ads patient recruitment?
– Show the right message to the right people

My job is to provide you with as many leads as possible, through taking on board the essential learnings from the way the internet has evolved, at the same time utilising tried and tested marketing principles that have been proven so successful time and time again.

My Experience

I’ve worked in sales and marketing since the mid-90s, with my primary focus since 1998 being digital marketing and advertising.

Over that time I’ve worked with an enormous range of clients and organisations – from the very largest multinationals to the smallest 1 person operations – helping each of them to promote their message with compelling, sales-driven copy and laser-targeted digital advertising campaigns.

For the past few years I’ve specialised in patient recruitment for clinical trials – generating tens of thousands of registrations across dozens of individual trials and managing over £2 million of ad spend through Facebook.

My Motivation

As well as the opportunity to use my skills in a highly specialized area, promoting clinical trials also helps me achieve a sense of purpose. My own parents’ history with cancer and Alzheimer’s being a constant motivation to ensure I deliver the highest quality leads in the highest possible quantity for every trial I promote.

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