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The cornerstone of every modern digital marketing strategy is your website.

It’s essential, then, that the copy on your site presents exactly the right message to your potential customers.

Which is where my overriding principle comes to the fore:

Say the Right Things to the Right People

Everyone who visits your website is there for a reason – whether they’ve found you in a relevant search, clicked through from an ad, been sent as a referral from another site etc.

So what you need to do is make sure that the messages you tell them when they get to your site, are the right things to motivate them to perform the actions you want – eg make a sale, make an enquiry, read more content.

Landing Pages

If you’re using successful promotional methods to drive people to your site – for example, Facebook Ads or Google AdWords – you’ll want to make sure the people who click through to your website find something there that’s relevant to what they want.

The copy on these ‘landing pages’ should be developed to reflect what your potential customers are interested in – thus leading to higher conversion rates and more business for you.

One of the key elements of putting together successful landing page copy is to make sure it echoes the thoughts in the mind of the person visiting the page, as well as persuades them to perform some form of action once they’re there.

Building up your potential client base with the use of landing pages is something every business should be doing for maximum return from their investment in digital marketing.


SEO Copywriting for Blog Posts & Web Pages

When I talk about SEO copywriting, I’m not suggesting the rubbishy old-fashioned approach of aiming for a specific keyword density and including a certain number of keyword variations within the body text.

Nowadays, effective SEO copy for blog posts and web pages is based on writing for people, not for search engines. OK, this may have become something of a cliche – but it’s true.

Write with your human visitors in mind – including everything relevant to the subject of the blog post or page you’re writing for – and you’ll automatically be writing copy that is good for SEO purposes, as well as helping to convince your potential customers that you are a company worth dealing with.

Call to Action Copy

You’ll want to ensure your site visitors are convinced to perform some kind of action once they visit your website.

Effective sales-driven calls to action can be the perfect means of generating multiple new enquiries on a consistent basis.

I’m not talking about “Buy Now” banners or the kind of “Closing Down Sale” copy that might initially spring to mind. Successful calls to action are based on persuasion and motivation, and work best when sprinkled throughout your web page copy, continually driving your site visitors towards your desired end goal.

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