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Content Marketing for Traffic & Sales

Everyone will tell you to develop high quality, engaging content, in order to attract a constant stream of potential customers.

What they don’t tell you, of course, is how to create it. Or how to promote it when you’ve got it.

Which leaves you no better off than you were before!

Quality Leads from Quality Content

What you really need, then, is someone to develop top quality content that drives your business goals.

Whether the aim is an increased level of enquiries, more sales, better rankings in search engines, brand awareness etc – effective content marketing is about putting together items that are of interest to your target audience.

Blog Content

One of the most effective methods of populating your site with quality content is to ensure you update it with regular blog posts.

Not just any old rubbish that maybe fits in with some of the keywords you might be targeting, of course.

What you need is a series of posts that really speak to your target audience, resonating with them about the issues they’re facing that can be solved by your specific products and services.

With the right messaging and the right targeting, your blog posts will promote your business around the internet, leading to a steady stream of enquiries from interested prospects.


Lead Magnets

Also known as “ethical bribes”, a lead magnet is a piece of valuable content that your target customers will want to get hold of.

Usually, you’ll want to share this valuable content with them through means of a value exchange – whereby they benefit from the information you provide, in exchange for their contact details so you can keep in touch with them in the future.

The specifics of the lead magnet itself may be based on it being an ebook, a video, a downloadable PDF checklist, or any number of possible items.

The key to the concept, of course, is in the word “value” – so you’ll need to develop a piece of content that is considered to be truly valuable by your prospective customers, in order to make the most of the relationship you develop with them.

Social Media Content

Probably one of the most misunderstood forms of content on the internet.

Since the social media revolution of the mid 2000s, it seems everyone is telling you to jump on the bandwagon and create continual reams of content for your Facebook account, Twitter feed, LinkedIn page etc.

In reality, though, what you’re really trying to do with your social media content is to engage in a conversation with your potential customers, such that they are happy to interact with you, rather than being underwhelmed by the standard style of “Confucius Says” rubbish that passes for social media content on most business accounts.

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